Heavy Equipment Lifting and Moving Solutions

Founded in 1982, Airsled was created to be the best heavy equipment lifting and moving solution. We provide innovative heavy load moving solutions including industrial moving equipment for customers throughout the world. See our air pallet technology in action!

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Airsled 36in Spacer System 2325

Spacer Systems: Model 2325. Moving vending machines, high leg appliances, sheds and heavy equipment is easier with Airsled.The spacer systems are designed to facilitate the movement of vending machines and appliances on high legs using any of our Machinery Moving Equipment or Vending Machine Movers. Spacers are adjustable for machine leg heights from 4 to 7 inches. Two sizes of spacers are offered: A 36 in. long set is used with the standard 12 in. x 39 in., 10 in. x 39 in. and with the 9 in. x 36 in. air beams.